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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a very convenient analytical technique that can provide chemists with a wealth of information. In NMR, a sample is placed in a strong magnetic field, and then exposed to a radiofrequency pulse, causing the nuclei of certain atoms within the sample to absorb energy and resonate. The resulting NMR spectrum provides information about the chemical structure and environment of the sample. The technique offers a range of benefits, some of the most prominent listed below.

  • Non-destructive: NMR is a non-destructive technique, which means that the sample is not altered or destroyed during the analysis.
  • High resolution: NMR can provide high resolution information about the structure of molecules, allowing for the identification of individual atoms and functional groups within a molecule.
  • Quantitative analysis: NMR can be used for quantitative analysis, providing accurate and precise measurements of the amount of a compound present in a sample.
  • Versatility: NMR can be used to analyze a wide range of molecules, including small molecules, proteins, and nucleic acids.
  • Dynamic information: NMR can provide information about the dynamics and motion of molecules, such as protein folding and ligand binding.
  • In situ analysis: NMR can be used to analyze samples in situ, such as within living organisms or in real-time chemical reactions, allowing for the study of dynamic biological processes and chemical reactions.
  • Structural determination: NMR can provide detailed structural information about molecules, including their three-dimensional structures.
NMR Center

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NMR is one of the core areas of Alfa Chemistry. Since its establishment, our NMR Center has made a significant impact in the field of NMR research by undertaking a series of key projects. The NMR Center focuses on the development and application of NMR analytical methods. For analytical method selection, please refer to our Analytical Methods page. For inquiries regarding sample analysis, please refer to our NMR Services page.