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Mass spectrometry (MS) is a sensitive and powerful analytical technique. It identifies and quantifies molecules based on their mass-to-charge ratio. The advantages of MS include, but are not limited to the following.

  • High sensitivity: MS can detect low levels of molecules, even as low as 10 ^ -14 g, which makes it a valuable tool for analyzing trace samples.
  • High selectivity: MS can distinguish between molecules with the same mass but different structures, which makes it possible to precisely identify compounds.
  • Rapid analysis: MS can analyze samples in seconds, which makes it a fast and effective high-throughput analysis technique.
  • Versatility: MS can be used to analyze a wide range of compounds, including small molecules, peptides, proteins and lipids, which makes it a valuable tool for various applications.
  • Quantitative analysis: MS can be used for accurate quantitative analysis of molecules, which makes it an effective tool for drug development, clinical diagnosis and environmental monitoring.
  • Structural characterization: MS can provide information on the molecular structure, including fragment patterns, which can help identify unknown compounds or confirm the identity of known compounds.
  • Compatibility with other techniques: MS can be coupled with other techniques such as liquid chromatography or gas chromatography to enable detailed analysis of complex samples.
MS Center

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MS is one of the core areas of Alfa Chemistry. Since its establishment, our MS Center has made a significant impact in the field of MS research by undertaking a series of key projects. The MS Center focuses on the development and application of MS instruments. For information on instruments and their basic information, please refer to our Technology Platforms page. For inquiries regarding sample analysis, please refer to our MS Services page.