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GPC (gel permeation chromatography) is the most commonly used technique for the determination of the size and polydispersity of polymers. It employs the principle of size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) to separate samples of polydisperse polymers into fractions of narrower molecular weight distribution. To be specific, GPC uses a polymer solution in a suitable organic solvent, which is introduced into a column containing a cross-linked gel. As the solution passes through the column, the smaller chains are absorbed by the gel, leaving the longer chains to be eluted first. The smaller chains are then released to give a distribution profile of the sample. The advantages of GPC include but are not limited to the following.

  • Short analysis time: In GPC, the retention time of components is short, and all components are eluted before that of solvent molecules.
  • Easy operation: The flow rate can be set, and the sample can be continuously injected.
  • No sample loss: The separation process of gel chromatography does not rely on intermolecular forces, under normal circumstances, and there is no strong retention of molecules accumulated in the column, so the sample components will not be lost during separation, and the service life of the column will be extended.
  • Wide molecular weight range: Capable of measuring polymers from a few hundred to several millions of Daltons.
  • Narrow bands and good sensitivity: GPC offers a powerful combination of high resolution, sensitivity, and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for analyzing narrow bands and achieving reliable characterization of polymer samples.
  • Small amount of mobile phase required: The requirement for only a small amount of mobile phase in GPC offers several advantages, including economic benefits, sample conservation, faster analysis times, reduced environmental impact, etc.
GPC Center

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GPC is one of the core areas of Alfa Chemistry. Since its establishment, our GPC Center has undertaken a series of key projects that have made a significant impact in the field of GPC research. The GPC Center focuses on the development and application of GPC instruments. For information on instruments and their basic information, please refer to our Technology Platforms page. For inquiries regarding sample analysis, please refer to our GPC Services page.