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Gel permeation chromatography (GPC), also known as size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a valuable tool for the purification, separation and characterization of polymers. In general, the GPC system consists of porous beads (gels) in the column, a pump that moves the sample and eluent through the column, and a detector that detects when different analytes are eluted through the column (Fig. 1). In GPC technology, the analyte (usually a polymer) is often dissolved in a suitable solvent and injected into a column made of porous inert material. Chromatography columns separate analytes based on their hydrodynamic size rather than their molecular weight[1].

Main components of a GPC systemFig. 1 Main components of a GPC system

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Our Technology Platforms

GPC systems typically have a UV detector, RI detector, or light scattering unit attached to the columns. By combining advanced detection systems with GPC, we can obtain important information about polymers, including molecular weight distribution, polymer branching degree, and average molecular mass. In addition to separating polymers, GPC also allows for the separation of enzymes, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, and hormones, etc.

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