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Analysis of polymers

Polymers are made up of large molecular chains linked together by covalent bonds. The properties of such structures are determined by their chemical/biological composition. The identification of the mass, morphology and molecular structure of polymers (including synthetic and natural) is called polymer characterization. Due to the development of many special characterization techniques for polymers and the application of a large number of standard analytical methods to polymers, there is a wide selection of characterization methods available.

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and their coupled systems (e.g. GPC-MALS, GPC-IR, GPC-MS) are versatile and indispensable polymer analysis tools that provide valuable insights into the mass, molecular weight distribution, polydispersity, composition and structural properties of polymer materials. They can be used in various sectors, including manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and promotes the advancement of polymer science and technology.

Our Services

State-of-the-art instrumentation, combined with the knowledge, experience and skills of our analysts, enables us advanced materials characterization capabilities. Our GPC services cover a wide range of polymers, including but not limited to the following targets.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polyquaternium compounds (PQ)

Epoxy materials (EP)

Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS)

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

Polystyrene (PS)

Polycaprolactone (PCL)

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyamide (PA)

Hyaluronic acid-based polymer


The scope of our services includes but is not limited to (i) characterizing the molecular weight of polymers (Mn, Mw, polydispersity index), (ii) determining the distribution of oligomers, (iii) controlling the kinetics of polymerization reactions or (iv) study the stability (aging) of synthetic polymers. It can also be used to highlight the evolution of molecular weight sometimes observed during the synthesis of various resins.

Our Technology Platforms

Our technology platforms include but are not limited to the following.

  • Gel Permeation Chromatography - Multi-Angle Static Light Scattering (GPC-MALS)
Analysis of polymers

GPC-MALS is mainly used to determine the diffusion of different molecular weights in solutions and is therefore mainly used to characterize the mass of polymers - average molar mass (Mw), numerical value - average molar mass (Mn), polydispersity index (PDI), and branching information. In addition, GPC-MALS is necessary for characteristic of branched polymers, rodlike polymers and co-polymers, all of which have no appropriate column calibration standards.

  • Gel Permeation Chromatography - Infrared Spectroscopy (GPC-IR)

GPC-IR is well suited for determining the composition and structural arrangement of polymers or copolymers with the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, ability to work in staggered injection mode, low detection limit. In addition, it is capable of detecting chemical composition, complementing the microstructural information collected during GPC analysis.

Analysis of polymers
  • Gel permeation chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GPC-MS)
Analysis of polymers

With GPC-MS, it is possible to characterize the molecular weight and chemical information of the polymers in one run. This is particularly useful when identifying and quantifying the presence of impurities, additives, and low MW species in polymer samples. In addition, it can manage and provide correlations between molecular weight and chemical structure, providing valuable insights into the relationship between polymer performance and sustainability.

Our Advantages

  • We have a leading technology platform and a team of experienced experts.
  • We provide customers with the most comprehensive services at the most favorable prices to help them save scientific research funds reasonably.
  • For the content entrusted by the customer, we will strictly keep the secret and sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Even for the most complex samples, we strive to provide satisfactory results for our customers.

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with high-quality GPC services to characterize the average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of a full range of polymers. Alfa Chemistry looks forward to working with you.

Our services are for research use only.